More than 20 years of professional experience in international photoproductions worldwide.

In the areas:

Fashion I Cars I Celebrities I Interior I Architecture I Portraits IStills I Food I Tourism

For the following publications (a selection):

GQ Germany I Alps Magazin I COUNTRY Magazin I COSMOPOLITAN I AMICADeutschland I Wirtschaftswoche I Handelsblatt I The Iconist I MINIInternational Magazin I Lamborghini Magazin I NISSAN Magazin I BMW Magazin I WWW.BMW.COM I Mercedes  Magazin I AUDI Magazin Deutschland I Messe München Magazin

In many places of our planet (a selection):
Munich I Berlin I Hamburg I London I Paris I Barcelona I Venice I GenevaI Cape Town I Vienna I Edinburgh I Tenerife I Zurich I Milano I Monte Carlo INew York I Basel I Bern I Los Angeles I Las Vegas I Palm Springs I Rajasthan ISingapore I Tokyo I Dubai I Miami I Orlando I Hong Kong I Syracuse I Monza IShanghai I Goodwood I Turin I Bologna I Sant’Agata Bolognese I Durban I BolzanoI Innsbruck I Wallis I Saint Petersburg I Moscow I Ulan Bator I Brazzaville I

Hubertus Hamm for GQ-Germany
Hubertus Hamm for Lamborghini Magazine

„Heike Heller = free spirit, very creative; knows the industry as well as few others; recognizes things in their depth and doesn’t just scrap on the surface; doesn’t just follow trends and isn’t scared of independent ways; always has the right view as a photo editor as well as a photographer; working with her – always a joy!”

Hubertus Hamm, Photographer and Artist, Munich, Germany

Bernd Kammerer for Lamborghini Magazine

„What makes an excellent producer? You never see her and everything works out❤️!“

Bernd Kammerer, Fotograf, Stuttgart, Germany

Alexandra Kinga Fekete for Lamborghini Magazin

“ To work with Heike is always a pleasure. Well organized productions abroad and in Germany. Professionalism combined with fun. She enables with ease the team to concentrate on the job to reach the most outstanding results. I worked with Heike several times for Lamborghini Magazine and Audi Magazine from Italy to Scotland and all those complicated productions were masterly handled by her.“

Alexandra Kinga Fekete, Berlin Germany

Ferdinando Scianna for FIVETONINE Magazine

„Thanks for the joy we had“
Ferdinando Scianna, Photographer, Milano, Italy

Thomas Straub for ALPS Magazin

„Heike is super professional and quick.“
Thomas Straub, Fotograf, München, Germany

Hanspeter Schneider for GQ-Germany

„To work with Heike is a dream“
Hanspeter Schneider, Photographer, New York, USA

David Maupilé for COUNTRY Magazine

„With documentaries or staged productions, Heike is always of great help for me. With her own ideas for pictures as well as with her view on the entire story and on the layout, she is a welcome support in every production.”
David Maupilé, Fotograf, Hamburg, Germany

Tomo Mauscionico for GQ-Germany

“ Heike Heller produced most of our European shoots for GQ Magazine – from logistics, travel arrangements,  local productions teams and rental studios;  Heike rolled with the punches and never lost her cool ! She created that peace of mind, which allowed me to focus on my creative vision, while knowing that everything else would be masterly managed by her ! “
Tomas Muscionico, Photographer, Los Angeles, USA

Hubertus von Hohenlohe for GQ-Germany
Jan Friese for fivetonine Magazine
Jan Riephoff for GQ-Germany
Ester Haase for fivetonine Magazine
Dirk Lambrechts for fivetonine Magazine
Robert Brembeck for MesseMuenchenMagazin
Robert Brembeck for MesseMuenchen Annual Report
Robert Brembeck for MesseMuenchenMagazin

„Working with Heike is something special in today’s time. She is alwaysfocused on getting the best possible picture; she is strong in making decisions, picture-competent and exudes security on set. She is humorous, amicable but still demanding; additionally she has the talent to solve seemingly unsolvable problems with a single phone call.”

Robert Brembeck, Photographer, Munich, Germany

Gabor Ekecs for Lamborghini Magazine
Camillo Büchelmeier for Lamborghini Magazine
Alex Howe for Lamborghini Magazine